March 16 - 19, 2005:  Thanks to our generous (and for the moment, anonymous) librarian financial backer, the film crew and I were able to converge in Southern California to interview Ray Bradbury and seven librarians in three different libraries. The crew consisted of myself, Pete Winter (our sound designer and lighting guy) and Barbara Jabaily (one of two directors of photography and cinematographer for this trip). We also has MJ Mauro, acting as our production assistant. It was our first trip as a team and I must say, we came together very quickly. Within hours it felt that we had worked together before. Everyone was hard working, conscientious and flexible, and just plain fun and interesting. Pete, Barbara and I felt right at home with each other, and we are looking forward to continuing to shoot footage on location, as soon as some more money appears.

Director of Photography Barbara Jabaily and Writer/Director
Ann Seidl behind the scenes at an interview for The Hollywood
Librarian: Librarians in Cinema and Society, in Long Beach, CA.
The film is being shot in high-definition on the Panasonic Vericam.

The film crew sets up a shot in the USC Norris Medical Library.

An interview with newly-minted reference librarian
Jocelle Liong on location at Cerritos (CA) Public Library.

Production Assistant MJ Mauro transcribes
an interview in real time onto an edit log.

Interview with author Ray Bradbury on March 16, 2005.

After the interview with author Ray Bradbury (l.),
ALA photographer Kimberly Butler (middle) and
Writer/Director Ann Seidl (r.) share a pose.

Film crew on location in Long Beach, CA.  (l. to r.)
Pete Winter, Sound Designer; MJ Mauro, production
assistant; Director of Photography Barbara Jabaily;
Writer/Director Ann Seidl

Photos: Pete Winter (c) 2005