A Film of One’s Own

If you’re like me, you believe it’s time that librarians had a film of our own, one that realistically portrays who we are and the importance of our work. With the help and support of professional filmmakers, librarians, and non-profit organizations, I am making a documentary which is at once factual, artistic and entertaining. It uses the popular medium of Hollywood movies to introduce issues relevant to our wonderful profession.

If you would like to be a part of this historic enterprise, please send your check, payable to “The Hollywood Librarian” to:

The Hollywood Librarian
c/o Bi-Folkal Productions, Inc.
809 Williamson St.
Madison, WI 53703

Or click the "Support the Documentary" button and make a contribution through PayPal.*

I would like to acknowledge all contributors at some point in the future, so please write "Anonymous" in the Comment field if you'd prefer me not to include your name.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ann M. Seidl

UPDATE!  Librarians are now making donations to keep this project in distribution and to produce the film for sale on DVD.  The producers are aiming for fall shipping.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

*Note PayPal uses the phrase "Shipping Address" but it's really just the donor's address for our records. I will not share any lists with anyone under any circumstances.

This is a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit (501.c.3) enterprise. Receipts are sent for every contribution amount.