The idea for this film came to me in 1995, when I was entering graduate school in library science. I, like many librarians, have found a conflict between the way I see myself as a librarian and the way others perceive the library profession. The handful of films that exists on this topic neither examine the image and stereotype of librarians, nor portray the real work that librarians do. I want to make a film that does both.

For the past five years, I have been contacting film professionals, writing and refining the screenplay, screening hundreds of films with scenes or references to librarians, assembling the film's advisory board, and speaking with library audiences about this project. I have been gratified to hear the unconditional support of my fellow librarians for this documentary. I am wholly determined to see this film to fruition, and to represent my colleagues faithfully and affectionately.

By comparing the image seen on the screen with real librarians in interviews, I want to show the diversity of the women and men of our profession and highlight the place that libraries hold in the hearts of Americans. Hollywood's cinematic stereotype of librarians is the perfect pretext to look at the history of librarians and libraries in America, as well as our future. I am convinced that this concept will be popular both with librarians and the general viewing audience.

Ann Seidl
Writer and Director

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